What are you REALLY paying for?

What are you REALLY paying for?

Remember when booking that you are not just paying for the click of a button.

So much more goes into each session than you may realize.



When you think of your wedding day or any photography session you may be planning, do you want to be thought of as just a date? Of course not! As your photographer I want to take the time to get to know you. I want to make sure my style fits with the visions you have and that the final print will look wonderful hanging above your mantel.


Together we will find a date that works best for you or your littles ones. I am willing to work around your work schedule and your littles nap times.  Once we choose a date I send over a contract that holds me responsible for delivery of your images.  No shows are frowned upon. Lots of work goes into preparing for a session. I hope that you are just as excited for your session as I am but to be on the safe side my contract also holds you responsible for showing up. 🙂

Preparing for your session:

We will work on brainstorming ideas for outfits and backdrops. What colors and patterns work best. I will go ahead and order in any items we may need. Once I have everything to customize your session I then take the time to have it all ready and setup for when you arrive.

Capturing those beautiful images that you will treasure for a life time!

90min+ depending on the session are spent making silly faces, sounds and anything silly to get your littles ones to smile and see their personalities show through when you look back on these images.

Editing & Equipment

You may have heard of “raw” or “unedited” images. These are something I do not offer or show clients. Why?  Well there area  few different reasons. First I like to be able to deliver images to my clients that they themselves are unable to produce. Thus the reason for a professional.  Delivering uneditied/raw images would make my job a lot easier but I feel like I would  no longer be in business. These images may be “fine” but nobody likes to pay for “fine”. Right?  Editing isn’t always as drastic as the images I shared on this post. Some times it might be as simple as sharpening the image to look clean and crisp.  As far as lighting I may make a few adjustments mostly when it comes to outdoors  but as far as the studio I try to achieve this SOOC (straight out of camera).  I do this by using top of the line studio lighting. Again that said there are times when safety comes first and sometimes a spotter is necessary. And of course little ones are prone to bumping there heads and arriving with bruises the day of their session.  Most sessions take up to a few hours and weddings taking around 30hrs!

Besides my studio lighting I also invested in lighting that is smaller and more transportable for outdoors, top notch lenses, dslr camera, computer, editing software ect. Professional camera gear is expensive, and a portion of my income is set aside for maintenance, upgrades, and insurance on all of my gear. I don’t believe your photographer has to have the absolute latest gear and the trendiest accessories, but high-quality, reliable gear and backup equipment is important. Often a photographer’s kit bag could easily contain upwards of $10,000 worth of gear. This does not include props such as backdrops, outfits, chairs, baskets ect.


I ask for 2 weeks time for all my regular sessions as a turn around time upon delivering images. In between I try to provide a few sneak peeks as you patiently wait for your images to be uploaded and delivered to your very own online private gallery where you then download and have the option of ordering professional prints that you can have delivered right to your door. Why 2 weeks? During this time I also have other sessions and as much as I absolutely love my job I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little girls who I like to spend my time with 🙂 I also like to make sure I take brakes in between editing images and give my eyes a rest from the computer screen. Sometimes I feel like my eyes go cross eyed haha.