Newborn prep packet

This prep packet is to prepare you for after you have made the initial booking of your session. If you would like to book and have yet to do so please email me and I can send you a contract and newborn questionnaire for you to fill out. Once this is returned with $50 deposit you're all set to go.







This is the most important step you can take when it comes to taking images of your newborn baby. As soon as your are able to please call or send me a message notifying me that baby has arrived. I ask this so we can try to get your baby scheduled as close as possible to 6-8 days of age. At this age they are still in that sleepy and womb like stage. After two weeks of age they tend to be more easily disturbed and don't like to curl into those cute little poses you see in my sessions. In my experience around 10 days of age they also tend to get what's called baby acne where they get little red pimples and skin starts to get little dry.





Its important to remember that your diet is also the baby's diet so it's important to stay away from anything that could cause upset upset tummies. Try to avoid caffeine so baby is at its sleepiest for session.





If you are wanting to take photos with your newborn I suggest keeping it very simple. Solids work great but if you would like to wear pattern I suggest only having one family member and pull solids from that for the others. Think coordinating not matchy-matchy. Don't for get fingernails! Your hands will be in the images so we want them nice, clean and simple. I like to go for timeless so if you would like them painted I suggest something light or french manicure. If you would like some in black and white dark paint colors do not look the best.





I always ask the newborn’s parents to try to hold off feeding their baby until they arrive at the studio or if you live close by feed right before you head over. Babies with a full belly will sleep much more soundly. I also stop if needed during the session if the baby needs to eat some more. Your baby should arrive in loose fitting clothes like pjs that button or zip so we can avoid pulling clothing over the head and waking baby if they happen to already be asleep. If its warm enough outside feel free to leave in just a diaper and cover with little blanket. The less disturbances the better. If you use a pacifier be sure to bring it with as this can help sooth baby as we position them into place.


I always ask that parents try to keep their baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to coming in to the studio. A good way to have them do this is by giving their baby a bath. This is a great way for the babies to exercise their lungs a bit before coming and tire themselves out a bit. It also helps their hair to be nice and fluffy (if they have any!).













Dress comfortably. The studio will be extra warm - essential for baby's comfort and sleep










In order to more closely replicate the environment your baby enjoyed while in your belly I play white noise to keep your baby calm and relaxed. I start the session off with any family photos you would like. If you have additional children and would like to include them as well I ask to arrange for someone to bring them home while we continue remainder of the session.








Your baby will ultimately dictate how a session will proceed. if he or she is fussy it is important not to react or stress because the baby will pickup on this and will b come more agitated. Simply sit calmly and allow me to work with your baby. I have a lot of experience and infinite patience so don't stress :)








When the session is complete I ask for two weeks from date of your session to be able t process and edit the photographs. I will send you a email to a link to your own private gallery. From this gallery you will be able to download all images to your computer as well as order any prints through me that you may like. Gallery link does expire after one month so please be sure to download as soon as possible.