8 Pictures to take of your baby in the first month

You just had a baby, wether you have a simple mobile phone or a nice fancy camera chances are you want to take a gazillion pictures of this new little peanut who has just entered your world. Baby Drabant number two arrived this year and I know exactly how you feel. I also know that you are tired, overwhelmed, hormonal, and scatterbrained (at least I hope I am not the only one!;) ).
I am here to help you out! Here is a list of 10 shots to get during baby’s first month of life. If you can check these off your list you will be off to a great start documenting your new arrival.

1. D Day!

It is amazing how quickly baby changes in those first few hours. Choose someone to capture your sweet little one as soon as he/she enters the world. Whether you choose to hire a birth photographer (something I  highly recommend), pass your DSLR camera to Dad, or hand your iPhone to the labor and delivery nurse, choose to give this job to someone you can trust and have them take LOTS of shots of that fresh, scrunchy little face. You can never have enough!

DSC_1469 copy

2. With Mommy

Believe me, I get it…we aren’t quite feeling our most beautiful right after giving birth, but I promise that you won’t regret being in the picture with your baby. Hand over that camera again or set-up the tripod or just use your phone. Do whatever it takes to have a picture of you with your sweet baby.

DSC_5664 copy

3. With Daddy

Every father is different, but I think that for the most part the idea of a baby is just an idea until he gets to hold him/her in his arms. And then? Well, then it is just mushy wonderful magic. Seeing a grown man fall in love with a teeny tiny infant is enough to make my heart melt every.single.time. I  never knew I could possibly love my husband more until I saw how much he loved our little girls.

DSC_1486 copy

DSC_1504 copy

4. With Siblings

There is nothing quite as amazing as seeing your first baby meet your second (or third or fourth…) baby. The wonder as they finally get to see this little person who has been occupying your belly for forty weeks is just the sweetest. Of course, sometimes it isn’t all roses and there might be a little jealousy or hesitation. Go ahead and shoot that, too! You want to document this baby’s life in an authentic way.

IMG_8843 copy

5. Family Portrait

Wether you take your first family portrait at the hospital  at home or come in for your baby’s first portraits make sure you get a photo of your new family.

DSC_5073 copy

6. Sleepy

Newborn photography is truly an art form and to get those beautiful final images takes a lot of time, patience, and practice. You can always hire someone to take these or you can give it a go yourself.

DSC_6155 copy


7. Funny faces

I love the funny little faces newborns give…the crossed eyes, the big open-mouth yawns, the squinty stares. They may not get blown up on a canvas for the world to see but they are a part of this baby’s stage in life and are worth capturing with the same care as those pretty sleeping shots.

DSC_6917 copy                               DSC_6923 copy

8. Little details

Teeny feet, little hands, sweet lips, wispy eyelashes…these are the details that define a new baby. Get creative in capturing these tiny features that make your baby so special, whether it be a new perspective or utilizing a macro lens. You will want these images to help you remember the little things when they disappear.