I’m not quite sure how the topic first came up but my youngest daughter Ava is absolutely in love with animals. For the last few months she has been asking for a puppy so… mama got her a puppy! lol I originally wanted to find one for her birthday last month but I didn’t want just any puppy, I wanted the perfect puppy! Both my girls said they would like a girl puppy. And of course I had to find one that didn’t make me sneeze as I’m allergic to most cats and dogs. Along with a few other things, it took a little while to find just the right puppy. We had finally found one that would be ready to come home right around my Oldest daughters birthday unfortunately that one past away just days after she was born.  I decided to take another look and after only a few minutes of searching I found one that was already for her new home within two days. Perfect Easter gift right?!

Lucy Louise Drabant Born February 3rd 2018

She’s a snuggler and she’s absolutely everything we hoped she would be! When I held her  for the first time, she didn’t even seem real. She really looks like a stuffed animal… only more adorable and wiggly.  Lucy is an eight week old Cavapoo aka Cavoodle. She is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles & Poodle. Which means no shedding hurry!

Lucy was born in Indiana. We meet half way in Illinois to pick her up. And when I say we, I mean myself and my two girls, Olivia 4.5 & Ava 3. Most of you are probably thinking I’m crazy to drive that far with two toddlers and a puppy by myself  but, not only were they amazing but so was Lucy. It was roughly 6 hrs to get there so we left early in the morning. We had originally planned to get a hotel as I absolutely hate driving but i was just too excited to get her home and play with her so we made it home later that night. I held Lucy the whole way home and never found any hair on my clothes! YESSS.

I’v already learned so much about this little girl. So far we know that she’s capable of sleeping through the night in her crate with minimal fuss, she’s so far, (fingers crossed) already potty trained! She hates being alone, she’s a snuggler, sleeps ALOT! and she’s PHOTOGENIC!!! Hallelujah!!! Haha