Behind The Lens!




Welcome! My name is Brittany Schaber and I am the owner of Brittany Schaber Photography.



I a am married to my very supportive husband Robert and have two beautiful little girls, Olivia & Ava.

My girls are my inspiration behind my growing photography career and my husband who is my rock. While I was pregnant with my first daughter I knit props for a fellow photographer in trade for a newborn session and slowly the idea of being behind the lens instead of a ball of yarn (lol) sounded more exhilarating.

When my daughter was born in 2013, I purchased my first DSLR camera and from there things grew quickly! After watching my daughters newborn session I thought, this is it….I want to specialize in newborn photography!

I watched every tutorial, took classes and read every article I could find. Soon, I found myself busy with sessions. I love every minute of it! There are not many people that can truly say they love their job and I LOVE MY JOB!


After about a year had past I had received few inquires about about weddings. When I was first asked about weddings I thought to myself no way! I could not imagine anything more intimidating. Weddings are a whole other ball game. I would have to purchase alot more gear like lenses and off camera flash’s. There is alot of uncontrolled lighting unlike my consistant studio lighting. And the list goes on. . To be honest I don’t know what the exact turning point was for me that made me change my mind but, after my first wedding I fell in love all over again! Honestly I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I love being able to be there from birth all the way to standing at the alter. To me, my work is not just pictures but moments in time meant never to be forgotten. With my passion and your moments combined we can create a timeless masterpiece.