Importance of Engagement Sessions

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Now that you‚Äôre engaged and the excitement of it all has simmered down a little its time to get to work planning the details of your big day. From flowers and invites to vendors such as music and of course most important, your photographer! ūüôā With everything going on it can be say to overlook this exciting stage of your lives. This time is filled with anticipation and love. These are the exact reasons for capturing this moment in your life. Whether you are keen on having your photo taken or not, there are numerous benefits of taking part in an engagement session. Many of these reasons can be easily overlooked¬†so I have put together a few reasons you shouldn‚Äôt pass up the opporunity to have an engagement session.


These images work absolutely wonderful to truly customize and make your save the date cards one of a kind. Maybe you have decided to not do save the dates. Unlike your marriage, your engagement only lasts for so long and this is why its so important to capture this moment, your new love for one another, before it is gone. Of course you will have photos from your wedding day but your wedding day being a party to celebrate with your friends and family it goes by very quickly! ? What’s so great about this session is its all about you and it is a nice slow place where you can really soak everything in and allows you to really capture your raw emotions between one an other.


I want to be able to have you feel comfortable and know you have no nerves or anything to stress as far as your photographs on your big day. This session will help your interactions with each other in front of the camera and become more natural and you will learn that you do not need to stiff up and look directly into the camera. My goal as a photojournalistic photographer is to capture true events and not stage them. I will still of course take some of the more traditional posed shot but will include more candid  and spontaneous images.

3. Getting to know YOU

Not only is this a good way for to get to know me but for me to know you as well. It allows me to see how you interact as a couple and learn if  and how much you are comfortable with PDA. I can learn your personalities, whether you are more silly or more serious. I love taking this time to learn your love story; how you met, how long you have been together and your favorite qualities of each other. I will be able to use this time to learn your likes as well as any dislikes you have.

4. Getting to know ME

Its always great getting to know you but its even more important that you get to know me. I want you to get to know my personality and shooting style so you can be sure to know that it is the best fit for you. Wedding photographers have their own distinct styles when it comes to how they shoot your perfect day. It is important to choose your wedding photography style before you choose your photographer so you are sure that your photos will reflect your style on your wedding day. For more information on shooting styles please click HERE At your engagement session we can also use this time to chat about wedding plans and plan out a schedule to organize the day and minimize rushing and delay. Getting to know me is also very important because chances are you will be seeing me more than anyone else including your fiancé, on your big day and I want you to  again, feel comfortable around me.


These are just a few of the reason I find it imperative to having an engagement session. I hope that I was able to put things more easily into perspective and convinced you that your wedding day photos will be so much better if you take a few hours prior to your big day to  have a engagement session. You will be looking at these photos for the rest of your lives so they might as well be great right?!