I am your Photojournalistic Photographer


Now that you know the differences in the styles of wedding photography lets make sure my style matches with yours.

Over all I consider myself a photojournalistic photographer. That being said I do like to add a dash of  traditional as well.  Not only will I photography candid and spontaneous images throughout the day but i will also include some of those more traditional images. These more traditional shots are taken when we  have time to gather  the entire wedding party, as well  your friends and families if you so choose. I also like to include the commercial aspect of your wedding with shots of the centerpieces, cake, flowers, rings and other decorations you might have. No matter how chaotic or behind the day is running, I will make or find the time to capture the little details in which you, the Bride and Groom labored to choose, but might not ever remember. It’s all in the details. You might be wondering why you would we want pictures of the shoes ect. Honestly, it’s very simple: The details fade. The jewelry could break or get lost. The cake will get devoured and all will be gone after the very last bite is taken from the topper you saved in your  freezer for one year anniversary. The dress will get packed away or sold. It’s just fact. The details make each wedding different and unique to each couple. This is really important to capture and preserve your wedding day.

DSC_7641 copyDSC_7943 copy

Here is just a few samples to show the not so typical wedding images you normally see but  the ones that document and serve as a rememberance one of the most important days of your life. For more images of weddings I have done please see my Wedding Gallery